Work Habits of Effective CNAs

Certified Nursing Assistants need to develop goo work habits. This allows them to offer better medical care to the patients and also speed up recovery.

Certified Nursing Assistants form the base of the pyramid in the healthcare industry. It won’t be wrong to say that the entire healthcare industry would come crashing without their hard work and dedication. Though they don’t possess a medical degree, CNAs as they are popularly called assist Registered Nurses and other medical practitioners in different kinds of medical facilities and even at patient’s home. They spend the most amount of time with the patients and hence need to learn and develop effective work habits. Here in this brief write-up we shall take a look at some of the work habits that that effective CNAs should possess.

  • Dedication – Patient care requires high amount of dedication. At no point of time a nursing assistant can afford to be complacent as even a small mistake can prove to be fatal for the patient. They should have empathy for the patients especially ones who are terminally ill and completely depended on assistance.
  • Prioritizing – Proper patient care is all about balancing the medical and non-medical needs of the patients and it is important for a CNA to prioritize between the two. There are situation when lending a patient ear and striking a conversation can help patients more in their recovery.
  • ObservationCNAs train to develop good observation skills. They should constantly observe the condition of the patients and be able to take cue from vital signs, physical movements, input/output ratio etc. It is important for a CNA to be able to differentiate between what is normal and what needs to be brought to the attention of RNs and doctors.
  • Documentation – Preparing flow sheets, notes, temperature graph is vital to patient care and nursing assistants should prepare these as per the guidelines of the institution where they are serving. This allows doctors to prepare a proper treatment plan.
  • Proactivity – This is one of the most important work habits of a nursing assistant. They should develop the art of finding solutions in case of an emergency and bring it to the notice of the specialist.
  • Step Away – Lastly nursing assistants need to know when to step away. It is a very challenging profession and burnouts and fatigue are common. A good CNA would always be able to spot these symptoms early and step aside to ensure patients receive optimum care.

These work habits allow nursing assistants to offer proper medical care to the patients and also help in their recovery.

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