What Does a CNA Do?

CNAs or Certified Nursing Assistants serve a number of purposes and play a very important role in the healthcare system. There are a number of daily duties that these people have, including observing residents/patients as well as reporting any significant health issues to their supervisors. After CNA training someone who is a certified nurse’s assistant can work in just about any clinical setting, such as a hospital, community center, nursing home, hospice, or school. Although they do hold a certification, they still do not have the power that a registered nurse does.

Some of the other duties of nursing assistants consist of feeding residents, making beds, cleaning the rooms of residents, taking patients to their therapy sessions, and serving nutritional supplements. Although it is true that no actual experience in healthcare is required for CNAs, they still do need to undergo the necessary training. Typically people in this type of position make anywhere from $9 to $12 per hour, though it does depend on the place they are working at as well as the state.

The overall role of a CNA is to make sure that the basic needs of the patients/residents are met, and that the supervisory nurses are kept informed of any changes in the overall health of residents. Many of the daily duties that nurse aides have are basic and mundane, though still very important to the overall care of patients in nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, and other places. Many people who become CNAs end up pursuing a career as a registered nurse, as it is a much higher-paying position with more benefits associated with it. Most people who become CNAs are younger and just starting their careers in the healthcare industry.

Another very important duty of a CNA is helping patients that press their call button, whether it is for an extra pillow or because of an emergency of some kind. It is also incredibly important that these people carefully observe the overall condition of the patients for changes which must be reported to their supervisors immediately. CNAs often develop a real connected with the people they take care of, especially when it is the same patients every single day for weeks, months, or even years at a time. These days more and more people are starting to become certified nursing assistants in an effort to get their foot in the door in the healthcare industry.

Although the role of a CNA is basically the same wherever they work, their specific duties can vary from place to place. A CNA works in a hospital will most likely have different duties than someone who is working at a nursing home or hospice. Despite where they work though, it is the basic role of a CNA to assist the registered nurses by taking care of patients and performing some of the more basic duties which are required on a regular basis. This is a very fast-paced job that can come with quite a bit of stress, though it also tends to be a very rewarding line of work for those who pursue it.


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