What Challenges do CNA’s Face

In the workforce a CNA or certified nursing assistant will face a wide variety of challenges in their daily duties. The biggest challenge of all would probably have to be competition. They would face competition with their peers to set themselves apart from peers and earn the recognition of the nurses, physicians and the rest of the staff they work with no matter what facility or hospital they are working in. Let’s face it if you set yourself apart from your peer group you are less likely to get downsized or singled out for some meaningless extra task that nobody else wants to do. Which would also lead us to communication, a lack of communication or too much communication would be present because you are in constant competition with your peer group. You are less likely to effectively communicate with someone who you are in competition with for something like supervising CNA.

A great challenge faced in the day to day work life of a CNA would have to be superiors such as nurses and physicians. When you are at the bottom of the totem pole you may feel the need to constantly prove your mettle to somebody who may see you as below them because of your lack of education on the subject matter. You would also face the immense challenge of having to deal with difficult or rude patients. These patients could be difficult or rude to you because they are aware of your status in the overall structure of that facility. Patients know who is who and they may be difficult to you because they know you aren’t there nurse or doctor, you may even be viewed as the nurse’s errand boy or girl.

As with any position in the medical field especially in a hospital or nursing home you can be expected to deal with loss. Loss of life will never get any easier no matter how long you do any one certain job, that is and always will be another human life lost. As a CNA you are more likely to get to know a patient, because you will see them more often than any of the other medical staff will.

Poor work conditions could also present a challenge although it would be unique and different in any facility you went into, for example at hospital A you may have more responsibilities to see to and at hospital B you may be in constant fear of losing your job due to guess what constant competition.

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