CNA Training Classes in Vermont

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) jobs are in demand today. CNAs in Vermont are tasked to work directly with patients under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or a medical doctor. Duties of a CNA include taking and recording vital signs, bathing, dressing, and feeding patients, emergency procedures, patient care, and a lot more.
For anyone to become a CNA, taking CNA training classes is necessary. CNA training classes lasts for a minimum of 75 hours, which already includes both classroom instruction and practical training. However, most of the classes in last for 100 hours, wherein the curriculum is mandated by the Vermont State Board of Nursing.

Approved CNA training classes in Vermont are available in the following institutions (among many others):CNA Classes Vermont

1. Fletcher Allen Health Care
2. Lyndon Institute in Lydon Center
3. Randolph Technical Center in Randolph
4. River Valley Technical Center in Springfield
5. Stafford Technical Center in Rutland
6. The University of Vermont in Burlington
7. Vermont and the New Hampshire Valley in Burlington

Take note, however, that the minimum requirements in order to be eligible for CNA training include at least an age of 18 years, a high school diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma, a comprehensive health screening, a drug test, as well as a tuberculosis (TB) test.
CNA courses have been designed in order to prepare the students for the CNA certification exam, which can be taken after completing any of the approved CNA training programs.
After completing training, you will have to apply for the CNA certification exam, which is overseen by the D&S Diversified Technologies. Application for the CNA exam can be done through mail, phone, or via the Internet.
CNAs in Vermont are expected to earn a starting salary of around $32,000 per year.
Every two years CNAs are required to renew their license. In fact, just before your CNA license expires, the State Board of Nursing automatically sends you the documents you will have to fill up in order to renew your certification. The filled-up documents can be sent back to them through mail. The only requirement for renewal of CNA license is, at least, 400 hours of CNA work in the state of Vermont during the 2-year period.

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