Travelling Nurse Assistants: 3 Reasons to Relocate

Travel Nurse Assistant

Across the United States, there are hundreds of different regulations on professional nursing. Especially on Certified Nursing Assistants, regulations vary from state to state. This makes for very diverse working conditions across the country. Some CNAs have to train twice as long as others, some get paid significantly more, and others can work in a larger variety of professional settings. With so many differences between states, it can make a huge impact to relocate for work. Nurse assistants are in demand across the entire country, so why limit your professional options? Here are three reasons to relocate if you are a nurse aide or considering becoming one.

1. Income

There are significant differences between the incomes made by CNAs in each state. For example, nurse assistants working in New York make an average of $32,000 per year, whereas nurse assistants working in Louisiana make an average of $20,000 per year. Considering that income is the main reason that some people become nurse aides, you should choose a location where your skills are fairly valued. A more competitive wage could be just a few states away. Because the demand for qualified healthcare professionals is high in every state, a CNA with a few years of experience has a strong resume no matter where they choose to go.

 2. Working Conditions

Nursing homes are all founded with the same principle in mind: recovery. Older patients live at long-term care centers because they have health conditions that require constant attention and maintenance. There are many different philosophies as to the best way to provide an ideal environment for recovery, especially between states that have significant cultural and geographical differences. The living conditions for residents become the working conditions for employees, so seeking a new place to work can make a world of difference. Consider a beachfront nursing home in Florida compared to a nursing home in the woods of Vermont. Besides the environment, moving to a new state can also be useful for CNAs that are struggling to find work.Some states have significantly more nursing homes than others. For example, a CNA in West Virginia has less than 100 nursing homes to choose from, but one state over in Pennsylvania, there are over 700 nursing homes. 

3. Future Aspirations

Planning to relocate is a big decision. Fortunately for nurse aides, they have a job that is in high demand all over the country. This removes the anxiety of finding a job, but moving to a new state is a decision that should have deeper roots. There are many opportunities for continuing education and career advancement in the healthcare industry. Choosing to move may be useful if you want to attend college elsewhere or work in a healthcare field that is exclusive to a unique location. Careers grow and develop over time, so finding a location that provides the most personal and professional opportunities will be the best way to deliberately shape your purpose and create a fulfilling life.

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