Top 5 States for CNA Jobs


If you’re wondering about how well your bosses are paying you to do your job as a Certified Nursing Assistant, consider the top five states to work as a CNA. These states offer a balance of a good number of job openings and rewarding wages. Your job might be good, but if you’re still wondering how to make it better, the trends in these states might help you find out what steps to take next in your career and where to start your search for a more fulfilling job.

1. Nevada

Nevada is one of the most promising places to work as a nurse aide. They have a large demand for new workers, the cost of living is relatively low, and they are one of the top-paying states for CNAs. The average salary in Nevada is about $31,000 – that’s $6,000 more per year than the average CNA in the United States! And with less than 5,000 CNAs in the entire state, there is plenty of room for new workers.

2. Texas

Texas also offers a good blend of high demand and high wages. The state is so huge that there are many different communities that are in need of qualified healthcare professionals. It is also home to over 1,250 nursing homes – the most in the country! Considering that nursing homes are the main place of employment for CNAs, this is a great state to start your career in nursing.

3. Washington

Washington is a great place to find a reliable job as a certified nursing assistant. The average salary is one of the highest in the country at $28,000. There is a greater variety of employment opportunities in Washington, which is home to many alternative treatment communities and other specialty nursing clinics.

4. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to over 700 nursing homes, making it the 5th largest collection of job opportunities for CNAs. Combined with a low cost of living and a reasonably high salary, the state offers a great balance of affordable living and reliable work. The average salary for an entry-level nurse aide is between $23,000 and $27,000.

5. California

California is home to the largest percentage of CNAs in the country, which might seem like a deal-breaker to a new worker looking for a job. But the state is extremely large and has the second most nursing homes in the entire country, with 1,205 long-term care centers. The most appealing part of the state’s job market is the salary and CNAs working in this west coast state make over $29,000 per year.

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