The Most Important Resident Care Skills for Every CNA

Pretty nurse and senior patient in a wheelchair looking at camer

Those CNA nurses who work at resident care facilities will need to know which particular skills will serve them best in this particular setting. Patience is most definitely one of the very most important skills that a nurse can have when it comes to working in this type of a facility. Often times the patients are elderly, slow, and feeble. It is highly beneficial for a CNA to get the right training and have a patient attitude, be calm in the face of chaos as well as boredom.

Communication skills are also extremely important when it comes to working in a resident care facility. CNA’s need to be able to communicate openly and regularly with both patients as well as their superiors. This is a very fast-paced environment which requires an open line of communication between everyone in the facility, including nurses, doctors, patients, and co-workers of all kinds. When a patient has a problem, it is the responsibility of the nurse to listen carefully and take the appropriate action. It is also very important that nurses pay close attention to the instructions given by doctors, as it can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

It is also incredibly important that nurses who work in resident care facilities are very responsible. These healthcare workers have lots of duties and responsibilities which they must meet on a regular basis, which is why it is so important they possess this particular quality. Flexibility with time is another attribute that will serve resident care nurses extremely well. A nurse must know how to manage their time effectively, devoting the right amount of attention to each of their patients.

There is also the responsibility of keeping track of patients’ progress and any problems which they may be having. The average nurse must keep a close eye on the overall health and behavior of all their patients, so as to note any changes in either. The more responsible of a nurse you are, the better you will be at your job. Emotional stability is yet another quality which nurses can really benefit from having. Being a CNA can be extremely stressful and even traumatic for some, which is why it pays to be emotionally centered at all times when at work. Those who let all of the death and suffering they are surrounded by each day affect them in a deeply negative way will quickly become burnt out.

The ability to multitask is perhaps one of the best skills that a nurse can have. There are many instances wherein a CNA must do two or more things at once, which is why the ability to effectively multitask is so highly valued in this line or work. It is, however, still very important to devote an adequate amount of focus to what you are doing so you can do it well. Flexibility is also key to being a nurse, especially with regards to the hours they work as well as the number of responsibilities their job puts on them.

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