Red Cross CNA Training Classes

Red Cross CNA Classes

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training classes are not only available in schools, nursing homes, and hospitals but also in your local Red Cross. In fact, the American Red Cross has been offering CNA classes for more than 20 years now.

Students are taught different nursing skills, such as obtaining patient’s vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, and respirations), as well as assisting patients with their daily activities like bathing, eating, using the toilet, and exercising. Regardless of the location, all programs are associated to the American Red Cross. As such, all classes, no matter what country or state, have the same programs, as mandated by both the state and the federal government. The only difference between programs from one state to another is the length of time it will take to finish the program. Some of the courses last for only 3 weeks while there are those that can take up to 6 weeks. Red Cross CNA training classes are also offered as either a daytime course or an evening course.

Now, in order to qualify for these programs, there are several requirements that you will need to comply with. First, you have to be, at least, 18 years of age. Also, you must not have any criminal record during the last 7 years prior to your application. You must also not be pregnant when applying for Red Cross CNA training classes. Other requirements include a screening test for tuberculosis (TB).

Once you have completed all the requirements you will need to register by calling your local Red Cross chapter. Afterwards, you will be given an introduction session, to which a representative will discuss with you about the course fees, the length of the program, the topics to be covered, the dress code, and a lot more.

Red Cross CNA training classes is one of the best ways to acquire CNA knowledge. Apart from the fact that the programs are economical, they also offer one of the most flexible and quickest ways to obtain training and be a step closer to becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

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