Preparing for Your Job as a CNA

If you have just been hired as a CNA or certified nursing assistant, it will be important that you prepare for your new role as a caretaker and healthcare worker. Those who take on this role will have a lot of responsibilities, which can make the job very fulfilling as well as stressful and challenging. It is important that you prepare yourself for this job mentally so that you can deal with all of the stress and emotional baggage that can come with taking care of the disabled and elderly each day.

You will find that there are certain characteristics that every CNA should have, including patience. When everything is chaotic you will need to remain calm and rational. When you are mentally prepared for this job, everything else will seem easier to manage and deal with. Remember that you are only one person, but that does not mean that it is acceptable to be unreliable or lazy. It is important that you remember to be patient with all of the people in your charge, so you can treat them respectfully while providing the appropriate level of care to match their needs.


Those who have yet to become a CNA will need to know what to do to get this job. It will be necessary to first find an educational institution of some kind, whether it is a college or university, that offers the program you need to become a certified nursing assistant. These programs can last anywhere from 6-12 weeks, depending on where you go. You will be required to take courses which are relevant to the type of work you will be doing, as well as an internship and clinical rotations which will provide you with hands-on experience for your new job.

There are going to be a lot of things to remember when you are going in for an interview for a job as a CNA, so it will be important that you know what to expect. You should be prepared to answer a few standard questions which are typically asked in these interviews, including why you left your previous job, why you want to work as a CNA, and where you see yourself in five years. All of these questions are asked to determine what kind of a candidate you for the right position and it is imperative that you answer each one appropriately.


Your employer will also want to know what kinds of personality traits qualify you to be a CNA, and there are quite a few. Patience, compassion, and understanding are just three of the answers that employers look for when interviewing potential hires. Although technical knowledge pertaining to your future job is certainly important, you will also want to know which skills and traits people in these positions have which make them successful. The more you learn about these things the better, especially if you want to get hired as a CNA and succeed in this new role as much as possible.

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