Oregon CNA Training Classes

The demand for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) in the state of Oregon is continually increasing because of the fact that hospitals are releasing their patients earlier in order to reduce the incurred healthcare costs. As such, released patients are usually taken back to their homes, where they will be taken care of. Aside from that, CNAs can also work in other healthcare settings, such as private clinics, hospitals, long term care facilities, and hospices.

But in order to perform the task of taking care of patients, it is mandatory to take up CNA training classes first. CNA training classes in Oregon consist of 75 hours of classroom instruction as well as practical clinical training. These classes often last for up to 11 weeks. Topics covered during CNA training include infection control, medical terminologies, physiology, anatomy, basic nursing theories, and many more. But in order to qualify for any of the CNA training classes in Oregon, you will need to submit an immunization record, a clear tuberculosis (TB) test, and a criminal background check.

CNA training classes in Oregon, whether campus-based or online, are accredited by the Board of Nursing. The online CNA training classes are similar to campus-based programs in terms of the requirements and the courses to be covered.cna classes in Oregon

Campus-based CNA training classes in Oregon are available in the following institutions:

    1. Anthem College
    2. Everest College
    3. Everest Institute
    4. Carrington College
    5. Charter College
    6. Heald College
    7. Institute of Technology
    8. Milan Institute
    9. Pioneer Pacific College

    After completing CNA training classes in Oregon, you will have to take the certification exam, which is provided by the Oregon State Board of Nursing. The CNA certification exam is made up of two parts, the first part of which is comprised of multiple choice questions. The second part of the exam, on the other hand, consists of a hands-on skills test, wherein the student will have to perform 5 random clinical skills.

    CNAs in Oregon are expected to earn an average salary of around $24,000 or higher, depending on experience and location. In addition to that, CNAs in Oregon can also avail of various benefits, such as health insurance coverage, paid vacation and holidays, retirement plan, and many more.

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