Ohio CNA Training Classes

Because of the importance of the role played by Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), CNA training classes in Ohio have grown in number. In fact, CNA training classes in Ohio are available at various community colleges, vocational schools, universities, and healthcare facilities. CNA training may take up to 12 weeks to finish, with a minimum of 75 hours. At least 16 hours of the whole 75 hours must be allotted to clinical training.

Accredited CNA training in Ohio are available at the following institutions:

  1. Beachwood Montefiore Homes
  2. Bedford Advance Health Career Systems, Ltd.
  3. Brecksville Cuyahoga Valley Career Center
  4. Cincinnati Health Care Management Group
  5. Cleveland American Red Cross
  6. Cleveland Rudwick Manor
  7. Lakewood Aristocrat Nursing Home
  8. Middleburg Heights Polaris Career Center
  9. Parma Broadview Multi-care Center

cna classes in Ohio
The truth is that CNA training classes in Ohio are quite expensive. These training classes usually cost around $1,000. Regardless, this investment will pay off eventually, especially since CNAs in Ohio are expected to earn anywhere between $19,000 and $30,000 per year, which is above the national average salary. Aside from that, CNAs in Ohio are often provided with additional medical, dental, and/or retirement assistance.

Now, if you have a problem with your finances and you simply cannot afford the cost , you can opt for free CNA courses, which are offered at hospitals and nursing homes. However, in order to avail of free CNA training, you will have to work for these hospitals or nursing homes for a few months to a few years, possibly without pay. Another option for saving up on CNA training costs is to apply for state programs that provide scholarships and education grants.

Moreover, after completing the training classes, the next step will be to take the CNA certification exam and pass it. This is a two part exam: a written or oral part and a hands-on skills test. On the hands-on part, you will be required to demonstrate 5 random clinical procedures. CNA examination fee is approximately $96. For more information on where you can take the exam, you can contact either the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program or the Ohio Health Board.

Once certified, you will have to renew your CNA license every two years. To be allowed to do so, you must have worked for at least 8 hours, with pay.


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