North Dakota CNA Classes

The State of North Dakota requires a minimum of 75 hours of CNA training classes, along with 16 hours of hands-on clinical training. CNA training in North Dakota usually take about 6 to 12 weeks. Topics covered include computer basics, first aid, CPR, basic nursing theories, anatomy, physiology, patient rights, and infection control.

There are around 56 approved CNA training classes in North Dakota offered in different local schools, private sectors, colleges, nursing homes, and also by the American Red Cross. The Keiser University, for example, offers an online CNA training program. Other options include CNA training classes offered by Ashworth College, Stratford Career Institute, and many, many more.

Dependent on the guidelines of these institutions, the cost, the program length, and even the admission requirements may vary. Usually, CNA training classes in North Dakota cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000. In addition, students who are employed in nursing homes within one year upon obtaining CNA certification can qualify for tuition reimbursement. The requirements for CNA training normally include a high school diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED). Individuals who are not qualified for CNA training classes in North Dakota are those that have a chemical dependency problem, a mental health problem, those that have been convicted of any crime, or lost a medical license.

Upon completion of CNA training classes in North Dakota, students are required to take the CNA certification exam, which is managed by both the Pearson Vue and D & S Diversified Technologies. The CNA certification exam consists of a written or oral part and a skills test. And in order to pass the certification exam, the student must obtain a minimum of 75% for the written or oral part and a minimum of 80% for the skills test.  Once passed, your name will automatically be added to the North Dakota Nurse Aide Registry. However, if you fail the exam, you can re-take it for 2 more times. If you do not pass the exam after your third try, you will have to undergo CNA training classes in North Dakota again.

According to recent studies, the number of elderly will double in the next nine years. It is for this reason that there is a huge demand for CNAs in North Dakota. The average salary offered to CNAs in North Dakota is around $23,500 to $25,800 per year, depending on the location and experience. And in order to increase your earning potential, you can pursue other medical professions, such as becoming a nurse or a medical assistant.


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