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The Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) training classes in Kansas prepare individuals for employment in various healthcare settings, such as long term care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, mental healthcare facilities, etc. There are also other state-run and private facilities in Illinois that hire CNAs. CNAs from other states can also transfer and work as a CNA in Kansas.

Furthermore, a career as a CNA is often the first step taken to acquire a higher education and become a Registered Nurse, a Licensed Practical Nurse, a Health Care Administrator, or a Medical Assistant.

But before you can start a career as a CNA, you will first need to complete a state-approved training and then pass the certification exam afterwards. Students must be, at least, 18 years of age and must possess, at least, a high school diploma in order to qualify for CNA training.

If, for instance, you do not pass the certification exam, you can retake it on the same day, provided the examiner agrees. Once passed, your CNA license will have to be renewed every 2 years. For renewal, 8 hours of service is required.

In Kansas, CNA training is composed of 45 hours of classroom instruction plus a minimum of 46 hours of clinical training. These CNA training classes in Kansas usually take about 6 weeks or about 2 months. Some of the skills developed during training include infection control, installation of medical devices, health and nutrition training, and physical assistance techniques. The CNA training classes must be approved by the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment Office of the Secretary and are offered in various colleges, adult care homes, hospitals and other long term healthcare facilities.

Approved CNA training classes in Kansas are conducted in the following educational institutions:

  1. Everest College
  2. Vatterott College
  3. Anthem College
  4. Wichita Technical Institute
  5. National American University
  6. Brown Mackie College
  7. Bryan University
  8. Pinnacle Career Institute
  9. Blue Cliff College

A CNA in Kansas earns an average of $22,000 per year or $10.57 per hour. This is according to the Kansas Department of Labor Employment and Wage Research. The expected salary of CNAs in Kansas, in reality, is below the national average. This is because the cost of living in Kansas is less expensive compared to other states. Therefore, if you wish to earn more, you can work in a home healthcare setting as a CNA.

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