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CNA Classes in Illinois

When looking for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training classes in Iowa, certain factors, such as the cost of training and the quality of the education, must be considered. Options for CNA training classes include nurse, medication, and rehabilitation aide programs. Basically, nurse aide programs teach the basics of patient, medical and rehabilitation programs teach additional skills to the basic CNA.

These CNA training classes are available in te following colleges:

  1. Northeast Iowa Community College
  2. Belmond-Klemme Community School District
  3. North Iowa Area Community College
  4. Iowa Lakes Community College
  5. Northwest Iowa Community College
  6. Iowa Central Community College
  7. Iowa Valley Continuing Education
  8. Marshalltown Community College
  9. Ellsworth Community College
  10. Hawkeye Community College


CNA training classes in Iowa, which last from 6 months to 1 whole year, is divided into 3 parts: 30 hours of lecture, 15 hours of laboratory training, and 30 hours of clinical training. These classes include lecture and discussion, videos, handouts, demonstration, laboratory practice, role playing, textbook assignments, and other activities.

Regular CNA training classes in Iowa makes up a ttal of 75 hours of training. Forty-five (45) hours out of the total 75 (hours), must be spent learning the basic nursing theories in a classroom setting, the rest is for clinical practice. The clinical training part must be supervised by a registered nurse.


CNA training classes in Iowa are also conveniently available online. Students have a choice to enroll in either a 6-week  or a 12-week training, as long as the 75-hour state requirement is met.  As mandated by the state of Iowa, CNA classes must be a combination of online and on-site lab and clinical training. The on-site laboratory and clinical training must be attended on campus. Students of online CNA classes are provided access to videos on nurse aide skill demonstrations, terminology flashcards, and other interactive learning applications. Online CNA training calsses cost around $400, which already includes te course textbook. This online CNA training class is available through the Western Iowa Community College.


The certification exam, which must be taken after completing CNA training classes in Iowa, consists of both a written and skills portion. The written part of the exam is made of muliple choice questions while the skills portion requires the students to perform random CNA skills.


It has been said that the process of becoming a CNA in Iowa is more lenient compared to those in other states. Not to mention that most of the CNA employers pay for CNA training   and even  for the certification exam of their hired hands.

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