How to Write a Convincing CNA Resume

Travel Nurse Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistant is one of the trending professions in the field of medicine now. The industry needs quite a lot of professionals now hence this is an opportunity for the certified nurse assistants to get into a job. The first and foremost task to be a professional is to write a convincing CNA Resume. You can get a good impression once you have a well written resume.

The first thing to be included in the resume is your objective. The objective is similar to that of any profession. You may write a line on your qualification at the beginning as it might provide a good start. Then write about something that you are really looking for. Your objective must not be something that is really big and unmanageable since employers hate taking a look at it. This is because they know that you cannot do it. Let it be simple but make the employer feel that you have a good motive.

The next field is about your education. This is where you have to provide your education history. You can begin with your degree certification and the time when you received it. For considerable results explain about your nursing assistance certification first. It is also important include all the other details including your high school education history.

Now you have to mention about your qualifications and skills. You can begin by something like ‘Brilliant interpersonal skills’ or whichever way that you find it good. Make it simple and attractive. Never try to add the skills which you don’t actually have as this can make it counterproductive. Also explain about your abilities in working with a team. After you are done with qualifications, move to your work history. This is the area where most of the professionals get it wrong. Always begin with the work experience that is relevant to the current job. Gradually explain about any other areas you have worked with but that is not related to the current job. Employers consider those candidates who have a consistent work history. Whatever qualifications you have earned, present it in a neat manner.

The next part consists of some references which consist of the people who managed your work. It can be the head of your institute or the doctor under whose supervision you worked. You have to provide the contact number and designation of the person who you mention in the reference list. Also make sure that you don’t mention the names of your colleagues who have a very basic qualification. Here the numbers does not matter; it is all about the quality of the content that you provide.

Finally you can end up by including a cover letter. You have to mention the necessary details like your qualifications and skills. It doesn’t matter if you write it down or print it, always make sure to present the letter in a neat and acceptable way. In the whole resume, you can try to explain interest for the position. Give a professional touch to the cover letter and you are done with the resume now.

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