CNA Training – Time Management

CNA Training

Time management has been a hurdle that most adults have had to clear since the dawn of time. There are several key steps to effectively manage your time as a CNA that will help you not only get your job done but, maybe even catch the eye of that nurse that supervises you.

The first key to effective time management upon entering the medical field is to carry a notebook. In this notebook it is integral you write everything down. Writing things down will assure that you remember all the tasks and other things that you must accomplish in any given period of time. If you write it all down, how likely are you to forget to do something. After you write down all of your tasks for the day prioritize. For example if today you have to change all the linens, do wellness checks and a meal service. One might decide that doing the linens earliest should be first on the priority list followed buy the meal service and then the wellness check. You can take prioritizing even further by ranking the patients in the order that you want to see them and having what special requirements they may need written down.

Preparedness might be next on your list of things to effective manage time. To prepare you should have everything you need gathered and ready before you leave to go and make your rounds. This goes back to writing everything down if you make a list of everything you might need you are less likely to erroneously forget to bring something with you. Along with preparedness goes organization if you are thoroughly organized and have everything you need neatly set up in a cart perhaps when changing linens you are going to save a ton of time.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly learn from people who have been around a while. Learn only good habits from others though. The longer someone has been around the more likely they know a way to get something done that is conducive to time management. For example you may learn from one person when changing linens to through all the soiled linens in a pile on the bottom sheet to cut the amount of time you spend in any one location. Everyone has something that will work better for them when it comes to time management you just need to find what works for you and get your job done correctly in the amount of time allotted.

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