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The way an application is filled out for a CNA position may determine whether or not you get the job. An application is the first thing an employer sees before considering you for an interview. If it looks like it was carelessly hurried through, it may send the wrong message to the employer. Fill out an application when you have the time to do it right. The following tips will help you fill out an application to get the results you want.


If you’re submitting a paper application, make sure it’s legible. Having an application that’s hard to read will delay processing and might harm your possibilities of getting an interview.  Take your time and print your answers on an application and it’s alwaysa good idea to get a couple of extra applications. This way you can write it over if you make mistakes. Many jobs utilize computer applications, which is an advantage for potential employees, since you don’t have to worry about penmanship.


Take your time and check for thoroughness, make sure every question is answered correctly. Having an incomplete application might harm your chances at getting the job, since incomplete areas may raise red flags. Make sure all blanks are filled, if something doesn’t pertain to you write N/A.


Be truthful about past employment and any past criminal history. If you have a criminal history, it doesn’t mean you won’t get hired. If the history has been resolved and you have good references, there is still a good chance you’ll get hired. If you lie about your past employment and criminal history, there is a greater chance that you won’t get hired. It’s always best to be honest. A background check will be ordered if the employer is seriously considering hiring you. If it doesn’t match up with what you put on the application, it will cause a problem.

Check it over

This is very important since there may be some mistakes or areas not answered, which happens to everyone who fills out an application. If you’re filling out an application by way of computer, see if there is a save and come back later button. If so, click it so you can take a break from it for a while. When you return, your mind will be refreshed and you’ll feel like checking it over. Make sure your satisfied with your answers before hitting the submit button.

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