CNA Training in Sacramento, CA

Certified Nursing Assistants are entry-level healthcare professionals that serve a variety of purposes related to patient-care and clinical upkeep. The occupation is growing faster than any other position in medicine, with an expected 33% increase in employment opportunities by 2020. The job can be demanding, but it also has a lot of rewards. In California, CNAs make more money than in almost every other state, with an average salary over $29,000 a year. The best part is that the skills you learn during your training will be valuable in a variety of ways. After completing training, you will always be useful in the medical field and fulfilling jobs will be easier to find.

What do I need to enroll?

Every training program is different, but for the most part, anyone can enroll in CNA certification classes. Most programs don’t require a high school diploma or GED, but may require applicants to pass a placement test before enrolling in classes. Each student will be carefully screened by their criminal background and medical history. Any applicant with a health condition that may complicate their ability to interact with patients will be denied. Fingerprinting records are used to determine the criminal history of all applicants and any convicted felons will be turned away.

Where can I find CNA training?

State-approved nurse aide training can be found at a variety of locations: nursing homes, community colleges, vocational nursing schools, and community service centers. Here’s a list of some affordable and popular instruction programs in the Sacramento area.

Sacramento Job Corps

The Sacramento Job Corps is a government-funded educational facility that specializes in workforce development and vocational training programs. There is no tuition. Students are selected based on financial need because each person is entitled to room and board on campus while they take classes. There are a variety of workforce development programs and employment services, including CNA certification and job placement.

Sacramento County Regional Occupation Program

The Sacramento County Regional Occupation Program was developed to give students an opportunity to explore professional specialties in a variety of fields. Though it is designed for high school students, there are limited spaces for adult students as well. There is no tuition, but adults must be fingerprinted in order to take classes on the high school campus. The main program for CNA training is based in Bruceville.

Kash Career College

The Kash Career College is a relatively new program available in the Sacramento area. Classes for CNAs range in length and availability, with classes on mornings, afternoons, nights, or weekends. They also have the option for intensive classes which can provide a complete certification much faster than other courses. The tuition is $995 and includes the cost of class materials and scrubs.

Horizons College of Health Sciences

The Horizons College of Health Sciences is the most expensive option on this list, but offers several distinct advantages over other programs. They have several class formats available for flexible scheduling, including day classes and weekend classes. Tuition is about $1,050 and includes the price of scrubs and some administrative fees.

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