CNA Classes in Maine

Most CNA classes in Maine require their candidates to shell anything ranging from $400 to $450. However, there are a few free legal training opportunities that are offered for CNA classes in Maine. For those who are serious of becoming a CNA in Maine, they need to know that this state needs them to undergo a more laborious training session than what most other states in the US would need. Most of these CNA courses are conducted by state approved institutions and schools, requiring you to put in at least 70 hours of practical training in clinics coupled with 180 hours of theoretical studies.
CNA training in Maine are conducted at the Maine Medical Center that offers its candidates free CNA training. However, candidates have to undergo an entrance test and an interview to become legible for getting admitted here. The goal of the free CNA training program is to equip candidates to hone their skills and get training that, otherwise, costs a bomb. While, the center absorbs some successful candidates for full time employment, others are free to venture out and seek employment in other medical clinics or hospitals.cna classes in Maine
The CNA classes in Maine Medical Center makes it mandatory for its prospective students to attend an information session that starts at 6 in the evenings. For all those that are keen to attend this session, they need to register themselves at, wherein, they need to specify their name and phone number. Once, candidates are registered, they have to undergo a compulsory TABE test. This test is conducted to test your reading comprehensiveness. However, the test is conducted once a year. The CNA program is conducted for about 11 weeks, the timings of which are set from 8.00 am to 2.00 p.m. Students are required to attend classes for four days a week. The CNA program is conducted in January, September and March every year. However, be prepared to attend at least 10 days of early morning classes that start from 6.45 am and go on to 2.00 pm.
There is the Broadwater Health Center that offers free CNA classes in Maine to only such individuals that are desirous to serve old and aged people. Maine has many centers that provide free CNA training to meritorious students. You just need to keep a vigil on the application forms that come out from time to time, indicating the admission process and tests that one needs to pass in order to become legible for the free CNA classes in Maine.

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