CNA Classes in Washington

CNA Classes in Washington

CNA classes in Washington are ready to train individuals for a successful career in the healthcare arena. CNAs provide personal care for patients and residents in nursing homes and hospitals. They bath, dress and groom residents and also assist patients with meals and feed those who can’t feed themselves. CNAs work under supervision of a licensed nurse and they inform them of changes in patient’s health status. CNAs have opportunities to return to school to continue their education to the next level and attain a nursing degree.

State CNA Regulations

In the state of Washington, students must attend and pass a state approved program which consists of 85 hours of training. There must be a minimum of 35 hours of lecture and 50 hours of clinical training. This includes the required 7 hours of HIV/AIDS and 3 hours of CPR education. After successfully completing a state approved program, CNAs must sit for the nurse aide competency exam which consists of two components; a written multiple choice test and a skills demonstration test.

 CNA training options

Training options for CNAs programs includes community colleges, technical colleges and adult education programs. Training programs are also available in private sector institutions, nursing homes and hospitals. Many hospitals and nursing homes offer free CNA training for students in Washington.

CNA Programs

Wenatchee Valley College offers a state approved nurse assistant program that prepares students to work as CNAs in hospitals and nursing homes.This program covers the basics of working as a nurse assistant and prepares students to sit for the state certification exam. This course is also a pre-requisite for the nursing program. Web address:

Walla Walla Community College offers a state approved Certified Nurse Assistant Program which prepares students to sit for the state competency two-part exam. This program is a well-rounded program which covers all aspects of working as a CNA including HIV/AIDs and CPR Education. Web address:

CNA Online Education

Online CNA classes in Washington are available for students who can’t attend traditional classes due to work and family obligations. Classes can be accessed anywhere there is internet access. Contact the Washington State Department of Health to make sure these classes are acceptable and to see if additional testing is required before allowed to sit for the state competency exam. CNA Training Online Classes offers free online CNA classes.



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