CNA Classes in Chicago, Illinois

cna classes in chicagoIf you want to become a Certified Nurse Assistant and take CNA classes in Chicago, Illinois it will be quite simple for you. Chicago is one of the easiest places to becomea CNA.  In order to qualify for CNA classes you must be at least 16 years old and have graduated from at least 8th grade or have proof of equivalent knowledge.  You must be a reliable, trustworthy and dependable person. You must complete a state approved course and examination and pass a criminal background check. Once you have done this you can begin your new career as a CNA in Chicago in the state of Illinois!

Here are some places where you can acquire CNA classes in Chicago:


  1. Career Training Center, 3525 W. Peterson Ave., Suite T-21, Chi, IL 60659 Phone:  (773) 583-1433 CNA training courses that guarantee jobs after you have completed their class. They are flexible with their scheduling and have weekend classes
  2. Saint Mary of the Nazareth Hospital Center, 1127 N Oakley Blvd Chi, IL 60622 Phone:  (312) 770-2391: Basic 8 week CNA certificate training program that lasts for 94 hours of theory and 49 hours of clinical.

CNA classes in Chicago are the best in the field from an educational standpoint.

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