CNA Certification Process

What does a CNA do?

If you would like to become a Certified Nurse Aide you must follow a certain path to achieve this goal. A career as a CNA will be challenging and rewarding.  A CNA usually works in areas such as hospitals, extended care facilities, clinics or nursing homes and helps with daily patient care.  This daily care generally consists of bathing, feeding, housekeeping assistance, and general patient care.

What must I do to gain my CNA certification?

There are several steps involved in becoming a Certified Nurse Aide. The first step is to find an approved training course. Requirements to train as a CNA vary by state. You can find courses at community colleges or vocational schools. You can also find free courses, such as the ones offered by the American Red Cross. Courses usually last between 8 and 12 weeks and prices vary. Once you complete the certification you can apply to take the certification exam.

What do the courses involve?

cna certification
The course consists of at least 75 hours of training. During these hours you have a mix of coursework, clinical and practical experience, and laboratory studies. You will have hands on practice learning many of the necessary skills you will need as a CNA. You will study things such as anatomy and physiology, nutrition, hygiene and infection control, medical terminology, blood testing, and patient care.

What do you do after the course?

Once you complete your course then you can apply to take the certification exam. The CNA certification exam consists of two parts. One part is a written multiple choice exam. You are tested on your basic knowledge ranging from patient interaction to medical procedures. It is possible to have this done as an oral exam since it is only available in English. The second portion of the exam is the practical knowledge test. You will be tested on how accurately you can perform five of the twenty-five skills you are taught during the course.

What do you do if you fail?

If you fail any portion of the test you can re-take that portion up to three times in the two year period since you took the course. You must re-take the course if you fail it again.

What happens after you pass the test?

Once you pass the CNA certification exam you are able to work as a CNA. You should then register with the national nurse registry.

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