CNA Jobs

Once you have your CNA certification you will need to find a job. CNA certification jobs are relatively easy to find. The need for Certified Nurse Assistants continues to rise. As a CNA you are a valuable asset to the healthcare industry.

Where could I work CNA jobs and what would I do?

CNA’s are often employed in nursing homes, extended care facilities, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. They often work under the supervision of registered nurses helping with the care of the patients. They wear scrubs and handle tasks such as dressing, feeding, bathing, and general housekeeping. CNA’s also help with taking vital signs, monitoring patients and recording changes, patient hygiene and helping the patient to get around. Generally CNA’s are given the duties that others do not want to perform. CNA’s work 7.5 hours a day with an hour break. They sometimes will work double shifts for extra money or work two different jobs, hence 6 or 7 days a week.

How do I know if CNA jobs are right for me?

Working CNA jobs is more than “just a job” or something that “just pays the bills.” You will find yourself needing good health, self-confidence, patience and a decent level of maturity. A career as a CNA is a fast-paced, rewarding, yet challenging career. This job will often have a lot of stress and many people who view it the wrong way will not last long in this profession. You will need to have a deep compassion and desire to help people. If you work well with others and have great interpersonal skills, you will be on your way to success.

What are the benefits and career outlook of being a CNA?

The need for CNA’s is projected to rise 18% between now and 2018. CNA’s salaries vary by state and they typically earn between 19,500 and 34,000 with a median salary of 24,000. As a CNA you will be able to work in the healthcare facility of your choice, and gain insight into the healthcare profession. As you gain experience and education you can continue to advance in your career and even advance in the health care field onto become a nurse or even a doctor. If you choose CNA jobs you will find it to be a steady, highly respected job with great long term prospects.


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