CNA Exam

Why do I have to take the CNA Exam?

Taking the CNA Exam is a necessary evil if you want to pursue a career as a CNA. Before you can take it you must first complete a training course. The CNA training courses typically take between 8-12 weeks and fully prepare you..  You can pay for a class at a college or school, find a free course, or find an employer who will cover it for you. You are required to pass the nurse aid assessment examination in order to be licensed with the Nurse Aide Registry and work as a CNA.

What is on the CNA Exam?

cna certification exam
The CNA Exam consists of two parts. The first part is a practical knowledge or skills test. This part of the tests your knowledge of basic nurse assistant skills. You will be tested on five randomly selected skills of the twenty-five skills taught throughout the training course. You will be evaluated on your performance. Accuracy is the most important thing looked for in your use of these skills. The second part of the test is written. This test is the more difficult portion, and requires advance preparation and study. The questions and the amount vary by state and by test. They generally average about seventy multiple choice questions. The percentage that you must get correct varies by state. If English is not your first language it is possible to request to take the written test as an oral test since the written test is in English only.

What happens if I fail?

If you fail the certified nurse aide test you are allowed to retake it up to three times within two years of completing your CNA training. You are only allowed to retake the part that you failed. If you pass one of them you can only retake the failed part of the test. If you fail three times you must retake the training course.

Is my certification transferable?

Yes, if you take the national nurse aide test in one state you will be allowed to work in another state. You will just need to fill out some paperwork and be sure to have the proper license for that state. You will not need to retake.

CNA Exam is available online.


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