After CNA Training – Employment Options

CNA Training

The nurse aide is a versatile, healthcare professional. Though the training is more limited than other positions, there are many different places that employ nursing assistants. Considering that they work beneath a nurse, it is possible to seek employment almost anywhere that nurses work. Those with their CNA certification have many options to choose from for employment. Here are some of the most popular places to find a job.

Nursing Home

The nursing home is the main employer of CNAs. Over 50% of nurse aides are working at long-term care facilities and other types of residential patient-care institutes. This is a great position for beginner nurse aides, but also for the most experienced. There are multiple levels of positions for nurse aides, varying by years of experience and professional expertise. Many CNAs prefer working at nursing homes, but salary and employment benefits vary between employers, so seeking out a new nursing home can provide better opportunities with competitive job-pricing.


Though they hire less nurse aides than nursing homes, hospitals are another main employer of CNAs. There are a number of varied positions that can be held within the hospital, though the responsibilities are similar to those in nursing homes. Orderlies, attendants, or medical assistants are similar titles for nurse aides working in hospitals. Their duties are close to the same as CNAs in nursing homes, with a large focus on maintaining the patients’ quality of life, facilitating their daily needs, and reporting changes in condition to the supervising doctors, nurses, and other members of the medical team.

Home Health Care

Home health care is a common option for nurse aides that live in less densely populated areas. Because there are many places without nursing homes or hospitals nearby, it is common for nurse aides to work in private residences. In places like Wyoming or Montana, there is a stronger job-market for home health aides. Elderly Americans that live in rural areas still need medical assistance and supervision, so they sometimes hire personal nurse aides to tend to them at home. This is also an option for older people who do not want to be relocated to a nursing home, but still require a measure of medical attention. Though they are less common, the jobs in home health care can be very favorable.

Professional Services

Many nurse aides go on to have a greater impact in fields outside of healthcare. By taking the skills of your training outside of the medical field, you can make a difference in other types of peoples’ lives. For example, some nurse aides go on to work at community outreach centers to provide medical assistance to the needy. Others go on to become educators, training other nurse aides or managing educational programs. A select few go on to become members of state boards or otherwise influential committees to provide their insight and experience on matters that involve the nation’s nurses. There are many ways to make your skills valuable, so long as you value you them.

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