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Skills to Improve your Worth as a CNA

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015:

Once you’ve got your basic certification as a nursing assistant, there are still more skills that can give your earning power a boost. These additional talents and abilities might take some extra time and energy to achieve, but the benefit they bring to your job will add up over the long term. Every little bit counts, so bring as much to the table as an employee and you will definitely see rewards in the future. Medical Skills Wound Care Experience One of the more specialized fields for nursing assistants and their supervising nurses is wound care. Wound care requires a specific certification that is only offered to registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and other medical professionals. Even though it is not offered for CNAs, there will be at least one wound care nurse in your healthcare setting. These nurses need assistance treating their patients and this is the prime role for a CNA looking for experience with wound care. Ask your supervisor if you can lend a hand and soon you will have more experience than the average nursing assistant. Restorative Care Restorative care is a specific type of treatment for patients that are in need of physical rehabilitation. There are several ways to be trained in this type of care, including on-the-job training, specialized courses, or certification. Restorative care is becoming more and more important in nursing homes because of the new incentives for improving physical ability for residents. As such, your supervisors will be very happy to have […] Read More →

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