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Maintaining Good Health and Safety as a CNA

Friday, March 21st, 2014:

Being healthy is the state of being well both body and mind wise, while safety is the condition of one being free from risks and danger. Employees from any given field are required to carry out risk assessments, followed by implementing necessary measures. CNA’s have an obligation of taking reasonable care of their health and safety by following procedures laid out. Their protection should be followed since their health and safety is of importance to themselves over and above to their patients. A nurse assistant; injury, infections, a problem in mental health or any other disease, impairs their services, making them not to execute their duties. It is therefore vital to ensure good health and safety as a nurse is maintained in every aspect at work. This is done by keenly following a number of practices Wearing of protective clothing like gloves is a vital safety for every certified nursing assistant. However some nurses have latex allergies and it is advisable to use gloves made from synthetic materials. This is because even if a person has shown no signs, allergies can still be developing. With recent technological developments, needle sticks should be handled with safety to cover over sharps.  Don’t get around the safety features for the sake of convenience or time. In case your facility does not employ safe needles, formally request them to change to the type that have a cap for your safety sake. It is a mistake to employ pulling when lifting or moving patients. Pushing […] Read More →

Top 5 States for CNA Jobs

Monday, March 3rd, 2014:

If you’re wondering about how well your bosses are paying you to do your job as a Certified Nursing Assistant, consider the top five states. Read More →

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